How to register a domain name

How to register a domain name

  • Domain search process
  • Domain configuration
  • Payment settings


Domain search process

When you look for a domain using our Domain Name Search, you’ll find the information regarding its availability.




click on Domain Search



For example, let’s assume that you wish to register You go to Domain Name Search, enter to the Search field and click on Green Search button.


You go to Store – Register a New Domain, enter it.



Example Domain for


produce very short domain names (e.g., .com,.net,.in,.uk,.org,.biz,.info)

You can enter fully-qualified domain names (Top-Level Domains or TLDs like .com, .net, etc.) or select TLDs from the list:

You can take advantages of different available options of our Search Button, namely:

  • Choose the wanted Price Range
  • Use Show Domain Hacks option. Domain hacks are domain names that combine domain levels to spell out the full title or name of the domain name. These type of domains spells out a word by using a combination of periods and less popular

On the Below page you will see the Explore more button, which allows you to filter the results by the following options:

Once your chose your Domain Name then Add to cart it will turn Checkout Button Click On Check out Button. You don’t need to change your Nameservers just click Continue Button.



Click on the Toggle button to enable or disable the auto-renewal option as well as other services like ID Protection and DNS Management. The Save for Later icon saves any item and the "x" button removes the unnecessary one.

Once you are ready to order the products, click on the Confirm Order button to proceed with the Continue:



Once you are ready to order the products Payment, click on the Confirm Order button to proceed with the Checkout:

Once you did Checkout then it will go to next page for your address registration. Then Write your name, last name, email Address, Phone number, Address. Generate your password / your own password.Once you fill your billing information.Once you are ready to order the products Payment, click on the Confirm Order button to proceed with the Complete Order Button:

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